Joshua Nelson, LMT
JFB Myofascial Release Therapy - Expert
Green Bay, WI





Stay active and feel great, naturally.

Are you bothered by aches and pains? 

Do you have neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, or low back pain? 

Do you have arthritis, sciatica, TMJ, headaches, or disc problems? 

Are you sick of making progress during therapy, but ending up in the same place shortly after it's over?

If you found a therapist that can provide excellent therapy, while also teaching you how to maintain your progress on your own, would that be a more economical solution?

Do you prefer a natural alternative to pain medications and surgery?

If it's possible to heal your old injuries and regain mobility, would you do it?

If you're degenerated disc could begin to heal itself and feel better, would you choose that over surgery?

We want you to live without pain and have confidence to continue in the activities that you love without medications, injections, or surgery. We are passionate about your care and dedicated to your pursuit of being healthy, fit, and active. The aim of Phoenix MFR is to provide you with healing therapy, and empower you with simple and easy activities so you can continue healing on your own.


I have spent 2.5 years rehabbing a back injury that left me with a compression fracture, and several herniated discs. I went from running 5-8 miles a day to living with sciatic pain and back pain that limited my life a great deal. I tried resting and doing nothing but the nagging pain came back as soon as I did anything. I used massage therapy and chiropractic therapy which helped relieve the intensity for short bursts of time but required frequent visits and lots of limited activity. 
I found Josh's brochure and looked into MFR trying to avoid surgery, but at that point a little skeptical because I was told someone with my injury would have to not run, or be as active, to save my back from getting worse and avoid surgery. I committed to MFR and only two and a half months later I am running without any pain, doing full squats in the weight room, and my back has never felt so strong and stable as it does now since I can remember. I have my life back and don't worry anymore about every time I lift a bucket, or take a misstep, or bend to put a case of water under my cart. I am thankful to live a full life again that is even better than the mobility I had before my accident! 

-T. N.